January, 21th 2017

We are proud to announce that Undead Prophecies will be performing exclusively in Macon, France on 22th, April 2017. Do you have an appointment in hell? It's done!

Festival de Chair et d'Acier



June 1st 2016

We are proud to present the t-shirts Undead prophecies special Hellfest. You can order it on:


February, 11th 2016

We are very proud to announce that Undead Prophecies will play at Hellfest Open Air Festival on the altar Stage Saturday, June 18, 2016 ! Prepare yourself for hell!



December, 22th 2015

Back from the dead under the UNDEAD monicker , the band had to change name to avoid confusion with a music group from the living world and baptized themselves in blood : UNDEAD PROPHECIES.



December, 18th 2015

Undead Prophecies 'False Prophecies" trailer available Decibel Magazine…/only-death-is-real-undead-prop

'False Prophecies" on



October, 2nd 2015

We're happy of the landing of our new web site !!!



August 21th, 2015

Interview with UNDEAD in Scream magazine ( NO) !
cheers !!!







July, 8th 2015

Thank you Hard Rock Mag!

7.5 / 10





June, 22th 2015



June, 17th 2015

Read our interview for .the lair of filth…/filthy-interview-undead.html



June, 11th 2015



June, 8th 2015

Thanks to Last Rites!

"They can sure enough play some god-damned death metal, and that's all that matters to me."



FJune, 5th 2015

Thanks to Metal Obs' Magazine (FR)





June, 1st 2015

Thanks to VS-webzine (FR) for this review:

15.5 / 20…



May, 30th 2015

Thanks to Gitaromaniak for this great review:

9/ 10…



May, 28th 2015

Thanks to French metal for this great review:

15 / 20…



May, 27th 2015

Thanks to The Lair of filth for this great review:

"...what is relevant is the music which is high quality, authentic and extremely well played Death Metal, a very strong release."








May, 20th 2015

Thanks to Guitarist metal (France) for this interview:





May, 18th 2015

Thanks to Rock Hard France for this great review !

8 / 10



May, 17th 2015

Thanks to Lords of metal for this review !

78 / 100



May, 10th 2015

Thanks to Chris from Wings of death for this great review !



May, 8th 2015

Thanks to Derek from No Clean singing for this interview !…/godless-angel-interviews-n…/



May, 8th 2015

Thanks to soilchronicles for this great review

8 / 10 !!!…/undead-false-prophecies



May, 7th 2015

Thanks to Angry Metal guy for this great review 3.5 / 5 !!!



May, 2nd 2015

"Go and enjoy and blast the fuck out of this record !"




May, 2nd 2015

Thanks to FFM Rock for this great review !

8.7 / 10…/cd-r…/21967-undead-flase-prophecies



April, 27th 2015

"40 minutes and 8 songs of real death metal that, if you're a bit of an old git like me will put a big grin on your face. Well recommended !"



April, 26th 2015

Thanks to for this review !

7 / 10
"higher much of what is proposed by the above Morgoth nonetheless appreciated in their come-back album"



Aprily, 26th 2015

Thanks to Deadly Storm for this great review !

"Real old school death metal that will cut your heart from your body out! Kult!"…/recenzereview-undead-fals…



April, 16th 2015

Another great review ! 9/10 DEAF FOREVER

"False Prophecies" ist eines dieser Alben, bei denen man unweigerlich anfangen muss, zu grinsen. Für Freunde von DEATH, BOLT THROWER und MASSACRE unerlässlich. OSDM as its best!




April, 13th 2015

Thanks to reaperzine for this review !



April, 13th 2015

Thanks to Metal France for this review !…/undead-false-prophecies



March, 27th 2015

"False Prophecies" is high on nostalgia and rich in texture. [8.5/10]

Metal Wani…/review-undead-false-prophecies.h…



March, 20th 2015

Queen of steel: 9/10

First review about "False prophecies" !




March, 10th 2015



February, 11th 2015



February, 12th 2015



February, 12th 2015

Thanx to : that's completely OK: just shut the f... up and headbang!"



February, 11th 2015



February, 11th 2015



February, 11th 2015

Thanks noizz webzine !



February, 11th 2015